Yu-Gi-Oh Fire Red Wiki

In order to play this game, you must first download the patch file below as well as the original Pokemon game: Pokemon Fire Red US 1.0. You must then apply the patch onto the Pokemon rom using a patching software such as Lunar IPS. If you've never done this before don't worry, this process is very easy and takes less than a minute. Use the following steps to help

  • Step 1. Download Yu-Gi-Oh Fire Red version 1.0 (it must be 1.0, not 1.1)
  • Step 2. Downloand Yu-Gi-Oh POKeDUEL patch file below
  • Step 3. Download Lunar IPS
  • Step 4. Open Lunar IPS
  • Step 5. Click Apply IPS Patch
  • Step 6. Select Yu-Gi-Oh POKeDUEL IPS you downloaded from step 2
  • Step 7. Select the Fire Red ROM from step 1.
  • If you follow these steps, the fire red ROM will turn into Yu-Gi-Oh POKeDUEL

If you are still confused, please watch this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L90jaEXeldQ&ab_channel=EposVox

If you want to update an existing game to a newer version, you don't have to restart. Apply the patch to a brand new Fire Red 1.0 file and then move your existing .sav file to the location of the new ROM (Make sure they have the same name). NEVER apply more than 1 patch to a ROM.

Important: Highly recommended you DO NOT use gameshark cheats. It's highly likely to corrupt your save file. Rare Candy cheats will almost always corrupt your savefile. If you do use cheats, create a backup of both the ROM and the savefile

Version 3.2 December 2021 (Balance Update)

V3.2 Patch(IPS)Download (MediaFire)
Patch Notes

Version 3.0 October 2021 (3.1 Update Fixed bugs)

V3.1 Patch(IPS)Download (MediaFire)

Game Changes:

Aesthetic Changes:

  • New Sprites: Every monsters got new sprites (including shiny sprites) as well as most of the trainers. Special thanks to elementalheroshadow
  • New Icon Sprites: Every monster was given their own custom party icon sprite. Special thanks to MetamorphOfChaos, Lukirioh, Gol Acheron, TheGentlemanDM, Aheago Giorno

Music Changes:

Minor Changes:

  • Vermillion Gym gives you Aerial Ace TM instead of Shock Wave (Shock Wave can be obtained on Celadon rooftop)
  • Cinnabar Gym gives you Ice Beam TM instead of Fire Blast (Fire Blast can be obtained in Shadow Realm)
  • EXP Share can be obtained before Mount Moon
  • More custom dialogue was added to static NPC's.
  • Gym's 3-8 now have max EV's
  • Pokedex has been reordered
  • Various moves have been buffed/nerfed to the current gen stats

Known Bugs

  • Volt Absorb and Water Absorb might print garbage text after activation. Abilities still work and gameplay is unaffected. Fixed in V3.1
  • Custom Moves that are disabled/taunted display garbage text. Fixed in V3.1

Version 2.0 March 2021

Patch(IPS) Download (MediaFire)

Game Changes:

Aesthetic Changes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug preventing you from buying monsters at the Celadon Game Corner
  • Fixed crashing bug in Vermillion City
  • Fixed issue of monsters in the same evolution line having different growth rates. This could cause monsters to lose/gain multiple levels after evolving

Minor Changes:

  • Various monster location changes
  • Many monsters have been changed from being only male to being both male and female
  • Various monsters had their growth rate changed (Note: If you are transferring your 1.0 save to 2.0, you may experience significant level losses/gains on several monsters due to this change)
  • Updated wild trainers so that the monsters they use are more varied

Known Bugs

  • Jinzo and Buster Blader have the pokedex description of Dark Magician. Relinquished doesn't have a Pokedex entry
  • If a monster with 2 potential abilities evolves into a monster with only 1 ability, there is a chance that the evolved monster won't have an ability.
  • On 4 island, the first house (left of old man) is bugged and will cause your game to crash if you walk in it
  • Exodia Necross will not listen to you as it is in the same Pokedex spot as Mew

Version 1.0

Patch (IPS): Download (MediaFire)


  • Replaced all Pokemon with 153 iconic Yu-Gi-Oh monsters
  • Replaced all Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champion with Yu-Gi-Oh characters
  • From the 3rd Gym on, all Gym leaders have 6 monsters
  • NPC's throughout the region have their dialogue updated in order to make references to the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and trading card game
  • Many Yu-Gi-Oh characters are located throughout the region where you can battle against them.
  • Custom music (intro theme, end credits theme, wild battle theme, trainer battle win theme, gym leader win theme)

Known Bugs

  • In Vermillion city, there is a house to the south of the POKeMART. Talking to the clipboard in this house may result in your game crashing
  • Unable to buy pokemon in Celadon Game Corner
  • Some monsters in the same evolution line have different growth rates. This will result in monsters gaining/losing multiple levels after evolving